4-PRO Four-Stage Air Filter

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4-PRO Four-Stage Air Filter

Product Description
Keep your dehumidifiers operating at maximum efficiency with the only filter designed specifically for restoration, remediation and construction. Protects in four ways: electrostatic polypropylene and cellulose mesh capture particles, while activated carbon absorbs odors and fumes and antimicrobial treatment helps prevent bacterial growth on the filter.
Construction: Sturdy aluminum frame resists collapse to maintain proper filtration.
Materials: Electrostatically charged polypropylene, activated carbon, and expanded cellulose mesh. Antimicrobial treated to help control microbial growth and associated odors.
Disposable: Filters are not reusable. Replace whenever filter appears dirty or heavily loaded with particles. 
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F579: LGR 6000Li (24 pk)
F581: DrizAir 1200/LGR 7000XLi (24 pk)
F583: Revolution (24 pk)
F590: Evolution/DriTec 4000i (24 pk)
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