Odorx Un-Duz-It

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ODORx Un-Duz-It™
Bioenzymatic deodorizer effective against pet odors from urine, feces and vomit.
Un-Duz-It has been proven to be totally effective in correcting pet odor problems such as urine, feces, vomit and in the removal of organic-related staining. It eliminates the source of organic odors naturally, and contains performance-enhancing ingredients to help fabrics and carpets resist resoiling

Un-Duz-It utilizes bioenzymes – the complex organic substances formed in the living cells of plants and animals – as catalysts for the decomposition of organic-related odors and stains. Un-Duz-It is effective on all water-safe surfaces including carpets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, mattresses, wood, plastic, clothing, vinyl, trash containers, concrete, tile and more. 

Un-Duz-It can be applied with a compression sprayer, injected into carpet and upholstery with a syringe or used with a carpet/upholstery cleaning saturation and extraction method.

For best results, use with Urinse pre-spotter.

Un-Duz-It SDS (ENG) (10-03-2016)

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